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How land management Companies Will Be Beneficial to You

Land is one of the most important resources that people have to use today. Many people take land very seriously because of this. One of the things that is highly recommended will be to ensure that whenever you want to do anything on the land, you have look for people to help you. There is a company today that is able to provide you with land management services, the company provide you with many benefits. It is because of these companies that you can be able to use your land a much better way. You will definitely be able to get important solutions because of this.

There is a very good land management company that you can find close to you when you research. What you will realize is that the companies can give you different types of services and solutions. … Read more

A Fragrant, Inner-City Garden Rejuvenates This Heritage Home

A Fragrant, Inner-City Garden Rejuvenates This Heritage Home


Sasha Gattermayr

Fiandre Urban White Porcelain paving stones from Artedomus. Photo – Derek Swalwell. Styling – Bea Lambos.

This garden displays an exemplary indoor-outdoor transition. Photo – Derek Swalwell. Styling – Bea Lambos.

Photo – Derek Swalwell. Styling – Bea Lambos.

Photo – Derek Swalwell. Styling – Bea Lambos.

Boston Ivy creeps up the outside wall to create a lush green layer behind the concrete bench. Photo – Derek Swalwell. Styling – Bea Lambos.

Photo – Derek Swalwell. Styling – Bea Lambos.

Inside and outside fuse perfectly in this concrete nook. Photo – Derek Swalwell. Styling – Bea Lambos.

Photo – Derek Swalwell. Styling – Bea Lambos.

Exterior painted in Dulux Monument and Shale Grey shades. Photo – Derek Swalwell. Styling – Bea

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You can now buy the iconic Escape to the Chateau tiles for your home

If you are as big a fan of Escape to the Chateau as we are, we have some very exciting news for you.

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Dick and Angel have expanded The Chateau range to include personalised gifts. Including the Escape to the Chateau tiles that Angel created on the show to adorn the kitchen and bathroom.

The Chateau tiles

Angel created the original versions of the tiles using her tile printing machine. If you were a fan of the Diver tiles that adorned the Art Deco-inspired bathroom or the Chateau tiles that made up the kitchen splashback you can pick one up for £15 from the Chateau website.

The tiles are available in a huge range of designs, many of them can also be personalised with your name. While you could invest in a couple … Read more

Why Ceiling Fans Are a Great Addition to Your Home

If you were to ask interior designers whether ceiling fans have fallen out of fashion, you would likely get a variety of answers. Although some designers believe that they are out of date, the vast majority enthusiastically endorse adding them to your decor. The right fan is not only an attractive addition to a room, but offers some significant benefits that you won’t find elsewhere.

The Benefits of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are ideal in rooms with high or vaulted ceilings, or in any space where you struggle to control the temperature. But while you may think of a fan as something strictly used for cooling in the summer, it can actually help heat rooms as well.

For starters, the electric motor powering the fan actually produces heat. Although that’s not likely to make a measurable difference to the thermostat in and of itself, what will make a difference is … Read more

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Years ago, dear items of framed wall artwork were typically displayed in a lobby above the antique hutch or in the formal front room above the vintage sofa. The most important thing you do as a Seller is to have and hold good evidence of the property’s situation before you rent it out to a renter or purchaser. It’s highly really helpful that you just take a strolling video tour of your complete property and its situation and keep it to your data. It is usually recommended that you take photographs of each room in the residence to showcase its condition. When making a lease to own contract. I all the time include the pictures as part of the contract. Having an inspection completed previous to renting the home will legally prove the home’s condition and make sure the rights of the seller if damages happen. Architect Ralph Milman designed … Read more